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The only online mindfulness course that went through clinical trials showing benefits for stress, positive emotions, and loneliness in those studied.

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Is your staff at risk of burnout and loneliness? Do you want to improve internal and customer communication? Mindfulness Online specializes in developing stress resilience and emotional capacities. Our Evidence Based Mindfulness training course only takes 5 hours total over 14 days. Works for Android, iPhone, Mac and PC. Get started today

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Study participants using our app showed healthier responses to stress for blood pressure and stress hormone levels (cortisol).

Stress Management

Positive Emotions

Study participants using our app reported increased positive emotions.

Feelings of Loneliness

Study participants using our app reported a decrease in loneliness.

Social Contacts

Study participants had a higher number of social contacts per week after graduating our course.

Use the app at your convenience. Each training sessions takes only 20 minutes.

Flexible Schedule

Personal Guidance

Once a graduate, we customize your daily guidance based on skill and how much time you have each day.

Three Publications

Three peer-reviewed publications and coverage by the news media, such at The New York Times.

Vetted by Clinical Trials

Our app went through a rigorous clinical trial at Carnegie Mellon University.

We worked diligently for 10 years to take the Evidence Based Mindfulness course through clinical studies and into your hands.  It is our greatest pleasure to know our users benefit from this validated course.

Uwe Heiss

Make the Commitment to Yourself

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